Our organization has the aim to be selfsufficient, we do not receive any economic help from the government or any organization at the moment. We cannot offer free accomodation or meals to our volunteers. The little means we do receive, we direct to our project. Thank you for understanding.

to accomodate our volunteers adequately, we are renting a house from a private person. It is equipped with the basic comforts for the volunteers to be accomodated and feel at home. As you will understand, this comes with costs.

You are not obliged to stay with us. If you feel better looking and staying in another place, you are free to do so. We only to ask you for your engagement exclusively for our project and to help us improve the organization.

As a compensation for your help we are offering you all the help needed for free, to get to know our country, its culture, its touristic sights, culture and dishes, information for your safety and savings for your travels.

Accomodation Options:

We would like to suggest you use one of the two following accomodation options to ensure you have a great stay in the project. Of course, you are free to choose any of the two options.

1 – Volunteers’ House

This is an option for those who want to experience a cultural inmersion in a fun way in the company of other volunteers and the hosts. Here you have the possibility to experience directly the best intercultural exchange possible, learn more about the Peruvian culture, learn and practice the Spanish language and live to see a warm and familiar atmosphere.

Apart from the security that we offer, the best possible services and needed support are included, too.

What we have to offer here:

* safety; you will be living together with the hosts and other volunteers. At the same time we respect your privacy and personal space.

* a clean and cozy room, shared with other volunteers. However, if you wish it is also possible to have a single bedroom.

* the house offers basic functioning services like: water, electric lights, bathroom with a hot shower, tv.

* personal and familial attention, we celebrate birthdays and festivals together – you are a part of our family!

* help with the Spanish language (theoretical and applied) for free

* help with the Quechua language, language of the Incas for free (optional)

* free cooking courses of Peruvian cuisine. We are glad that you will be having the opportunity to taste and learn to cook all the most famous and delicious Peruvian dishes.

 If you decide to stay in the volunteers’ house, the costs thereby incurred are as follows:

*accomodation (including 3 meals
seven days a week, vegetarian options given)
*Saturdays and Sundays, usually, volunteers are out of town, on trips and excursions.

- 110  US$ per week (first month)
- 95   US$ per week (second month)
- 70   US$ per week the following months.
*descuentos para personas de origen EspaƱol.
*this payment is for accommodation and food. You can also make a voluntary donation, this will help us to maintain and give continuity to the projects.

2-Accomodation in hotels and rented rooms:

Following our policy of free choices, we also give you the opportunity to look for and live in your own room on your own expense. Here in Huancayo there is a vast quantity of hotels and accomodations for all budgets and tastes. We are happy to give you information about them.

This modality is recommended for couples, groups or families with children, who are looking for total independence and plan to stay for a longer period of time in the city.

Information: this is a commercial lodging and you are paying directly for the service, not including meals. Here you have to buy your own food on your own costs or eat in one of the many restaurants of the city. You also are to follow the basic rules of cohabitation and are responsible for your own safety.

"Sharing dreams-Peru" does not advance charges or the Internet.
Any disbursement of money or donation must be made to the arrival of the volunteer to the project, here in Peru,Do not use or delegate to any person, organization, or business, any hosting service, tours or projects of any kind, deal directly with the project manager Frank Cotera