Volunteer Program “Sowing seeds of love ”
Our projects are our own, financed by us and through the means of the donations of the kind-hearted volunteers.
We do a social voluntary direct job, without middlemen, in populations and human groups where there is no presence of other organizations; where you find a greater quantity of children and adults in need of support, in a place where in normally does not arrive .


Volunteer Project With Children: “The Magical House”

The “Magical House” project is directed to children who live in one of the poorest zones in the Andean city of Huancayo, where there is an insufficient supply of clean water, public services, and sewer systems and where malnutrition among children is common. Many of the children here are orphans, while others work in order to help their families instead of attending school regularly. Others are left exposed to the dangers of the street while their parents work outside the home.

Our goal is to help change and improve this situation, not only in material ways, but also in ways which help to personally motivate the children, teaching them to various responsibilities, helping them obtain an education, and establishing self-esteem. We also aim to teach them unity and solidarity with others.

We work with many enthusiastic children between the ages of 6 and 12. We use a unique and original method of teaching in order to make learning fun and entertaining. In an environment filled with peace, love, and tolerance, we teach them valuable lessons for the future, without losing the playful sense of what it means to be a kid.

Why is volunteer work necessary?
Volunteer work makes it possible for this important project to exist. We do not have the resources to hire paid employees.

Type of volunteering:


Duration of volunteering:
We require a minimum commitment of 2 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.

Project location:

In underserved areas of the Andean city of Huancayo.


The principal focus of volunteer work with us is to give support and motivation to the children, offering assistance in the following areas:

--Obtaining and preparing teaching materials.

--Helping to prepare lunches and snacks.

--Organizing lesson plans (daily or weekly), adapting them to the various levels and ages of the children and using activities developed with our teaching method.

--Helping the children with their homework.

--Organizing sports and physical activities.

--Serving as a companion and tutor, with priority given to children with social and emotional vulnerabilities.

--Helping to assess the children’s psychological, economic, and social needs (this work is suitable for volunteers with educational backgrounds in psychology, sociology, or social work)

--Helping to organize hikes and excursions, and being available to help should emergencies arise.

Activities and Workshops:

--Paper arts


--Drawing and painting


--Music and dance from Peru and around the world

--Theater and acting


--Making chocolates and sweets


--Support in academic subjects
--Self esteem and confidence

--Tolerance and social cooperation

--Ecology and recycling

--Hygiene and nutrition

--Recreational games



Minimum age of volunteer:
18 years

Number of volunteer positions:

A maximum of 11 per month

Work schedule:
From Monday to Thursday, 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Year-round availability

Requirements for volunteering:

Although it is not necessary to have previous experience working with children, our volunteers must love this part of their work. They should be patient and thorough, have initiative, be creative, and wish to make a difference. A basic knowledge of Spanish is preferable, but not required.

Teaching English to Children

This is a special project! Learning English is very important, as it has become the universal language the world over. With a knowledge of the English language, children will have access to better opportunities in the future.
Volunteers can choose only to teach English as their primary volunteer activity with Sharing Dreams Peru.
It is not necessary to have previous experience. If you are creative, logical, and enthusiastic (and a native or near-native speaker of English), then you are a great candidate!
This program is for children between the ages of 7 and 12.

Why is volunteer work necessary?

Volunteer work is necessary in Peruvian state schools, English classes are not offered as part of the regular curriculum. Especially in poor areas, schools are unable to employ English teachers where they are needed the most. By beginning to learn English at a young age, children can have better opportunities in their future!

Minimum time commitment:

3 weks

Location of the project:
In poor areas of the Andean city of Huancayo.

Principally focusing on teaching English, this volunteer project includes the following: helping to prepare materials for class, obtaining teaching materials, conducting classes at various levels of English, and participating actively in all class activities.

Minimum age of volunteer:

19 years

Number of positions available:
 9 volunteers each month

Work schedule:

From Monday to Thursday, 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Year-round availability

Requirements for volunteering:
It is not necessary to have previous experience teaching English. It is necessary to have a knowledge of Spanish at a basic level (although we will consider some exceptions), to be able to work with a team, to be patient, logical and enthusiastic and show initiative.
Keep in mind.
You will have our personalized support before and during volunteer work.
As a volunteer you will develop activities based on our teaching methodology and will need to think creatively, using the materials we have available.