Huancayo has 450.000 inhabitants and is located in the ample Mantaro Valley, where many picturesque towns exist. Dedicated to agriculture and cattle raising, it is an ideal place to get to know the Andean-Peruvian culture directly. Because Huancayo is located in the center of Peru, it is not in the traditional tourist routes. You can rejoice in a social and cultural lifestyle, without the excessive monetization of other tourist places.



In Huancayo, one can also find modern things ( internet, cinemas, benches, supermarkets, pubs ), but also a very traditional lifestyle. And only a few minutes away from the city exist beautiful fields, fairs and traditional markets, along with towns of craftsmen. You can also count on easy Access to the Peruvian Jungle.

Other opportunities:

• Direct immersion in the Andean towns, leaving behind the noises of the city to be near the snow-covered mountains and fields of cultivation, full of history and tradition.

• On weekends you can travel to the tourist attractions around the Mantaro Valley, and also to the wonderful and exotic Peruvian jungle.

• Or if you desire, there are many places to visit in town, such as cinemas, restaurants, pubs etc.

• It is possible to organize trips to other places in Peru.

  • know and enjoy the peruvian food,recognized internationally :





HERE some attractions near the project, are located in the beautiful valley of the Mantaro-JUNIN-PERU

                     Ñawinpuquio Lagoon, an hour by bus from the project   


                    beautiful view of Lake Ñahuinpuquio
                    Beautiful view of a snowy Andean-from the Mantaro Valley

                   Sunset in the Mantaro Valley, Junin, Peru
                       Visit to a village craftsman-Cochas (mean time of project)
                   A beautiful spot Andino, (a 15 minute walk from the project)

           Tower-tower, cliff and enigmatic and curious shapes carved by wind (a 15 minute walk from the project)
                         folkloric dance of Huancayo, Junin

                Cerrito, beautiful places and overlooking the city of Huancayo
                         Pre-Inca Ruins of Culture Huanca

         walks, enjoying the beautiful landscape of the Mantaro Valley

    Paca Lagoon, Jauja, in the Mantaro Valley (1 hour project)

                         Paca-lagoon water surface

                          tower tower near the project