Volunteering in Community Agriculture: Sowing the Seeds of Love

This volunteer project contributes to agricultural development in poor communities and rural towns. Our principal focus is to encourage development in these communities using sustainable ecological practices and taking advantage of human and material resources while following the model of traditional Andean ways of working the land using cooperation and reciprocation.

Volunteers on this project will work directly with members of the community, in a hands-on way in which only the farmers themselves will benefit economically. The process will contribute to the development and internalization of ecologically sound, organic practices (including agriculture, reforestation, and organic products) in a process that complements the ancestral farming practices of these communities.


Duration of volunteer work:

A minimum of three weeks.

Type of work:


Location of work:

In farming communities near the city of Huancayo.


Help in building ecological kitchens.

Helping with the implementation of organic and ecologically-sound practices such as the creation of “bio-huertas” (organic gardens), reforestation, planting and replanting, preparation of soil, organic pest management, and composting.


Helping to increase production of natural products such as jams, cheeses, yogurt, and bread.

Helping to create and care for micro-farms of small animals such as guinea pigs, bees, and chickens.

Helping to train communities in sustainable business practices and organizing.

Minimum age of volunteer:
18 years or older.

Number of spaces available:

11 volunteers per month.

Work schedule:

From Monday through Thursday, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

What is required?

Previous experience is not necessary. Volunteers should be able to work well with a team, possess responsibility and initiative, and demonstrate a strong desire to protect the environment. A basic level of Spanish is desirable but not necessary.

Benefits of volunteering:

Volunteers will have the opportunity to experience life in rural communities in a direct and useful way, achieving cultural exchange with people and learning local customs and ways of living. Volunteers will learn to put theories of sustainable agriculture and permaculture into practice.

Volunteers will also benefit from enjoying fresh air and contact with nature.

 Keep in mind:

This is real work, based on obtaining results and ensuring that these projects continue indefinitely, to the maximum benefit of the communities involved.

You will never be alone while working on these community projects. You will always be able to count on the support, motivation, and assistance of the project directors. We work as a team!