Enlisting to be a volunteer with us is fun and gratifying!
You can share in activities with the children in which they like most: playing, taking walks, Reading stories, and much more…
We are very flexible and comprehensive, because we will adapt the activities in accordance to your possibilities and qualifications, you can always count on our personal support to the very end, and also, we will give you ideas and suggestions in order to esure that your activities are successful .
If you have any questions, we are always available to guide and support you.
We are sure that this will not only be a heart-warming and gratifying experience, but an opportunity to change the way you see the world.
We are open to any idea or suggestion that may help us better your volunteer experience.

Who is this directed to?

This volunteer experience is directed to Students and Professionals of any area or specialty, also, to anyone with positive hopes of new beginnings. This experience is especially appealing to anyone who has desires to help others, and learn through the immersion of the Peruvian culture and direct co-habitation.
You can choose the area that interests you!

What is needed?

• A minimum of 18 years of age
• Proof of identity such as a current Passport, and a digital photo.
• Fill out the registration form
• Volunteers that are responsible, enthusiastic and dynamic
• Obedience of the rules of co-habitation and and a respect of the house or spaces where you will live.
• You should rely on extra money for your personal expenses, transportation, and excursions.
• It is recommended that each volunteer has the necessary vaccines and some health insurance.
• A minimal volunteer work is 3 weeks, although longer periods are ideal in order to obtain results.

 “Open Source” Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is free. We strongly believe that one should not have to pay in order to help others while volunteering abroad. We have an ethical commitment and social responsibility to our volunteers and to the people we help. We are not a business or a travel agency with merely a social “attitude” and believe that such organizations are in a position to take advantage of volunteers and of the community.

At Sharing Dreams Peru you can see exactly where your donations go, with total transparency. As a volunteer you will have access to our database and will be able to verify our finances and activities.

Our principle mission is to offer an alternative to commercial volunteer programs, with a focus on free and direct work with the community, without any kind of intermediary between the volunteers and the people they help. What this means is that the volunteer may devote his or her energy, enthusiasm, and resources directly to a cause, and to offer help for its own sake. With direct participation such as this, the volunteer can make a contribution according to his or her own abilities and desires.
As a volunteer, you may choose to participate in various ways—from filling a support position to managing a community program. You will be a real part of our community. You are not obligated to us in any way and you will contribute only in the ways in which you wish to participate. Our role is to coordinate and facilitate free and direct work between the volunteers and the community.
Everyone has the opportunity to share his or her knowledge and abilities. For example, if a volunteer has particularly good Spanish skills, he or she may help other volunteers improve their Spanish. The results benefit both the individual and the team. We encourage this type of sharing in all aspects of volunteer work with Sharing Dreams Peru.